Negroni Bar, München


Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.

William Shakespeare

Whatever you reason to traveling is, a stop at the Negroni is an emotion that should not be missed. A fresh hint of cucumber, a scent of roses or an energizing glimpse of ginger can surprise and welcome you to one of our 140 cocktails.

The friendly and warm ambient completes the work of a team that has won numerous international prizes by creating drinks that are both modern and classic in their taste and that become alone a topic of conversation of our guests.
We have always strived to give you what we call “the balance” of ingredients, the enhancement of the taste and the history and anecdotes of the drinks we serve in original glasses.
So whenever you are in the mood for something special that is worth the trip, please have a look at our home, we are committed every day to give you that experience.
And if you come, or become, hungry, our kitchen is there to serve you with our fresh Mediterranean menu that perfectly blends into our wine and drinks offering.
We are excited to meet you and we serve you,
Negroni Bar